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. “…I cannot read the Bible without desiring to see many believers more spiritual, more holy, more single-eyed, more heavenly-minded, more wholehearted than they are in the nineteenth century.  I want to see among believers more of a pilgrim spirit, a more decided separation from the world, a conversation more evidently in heaven, a closer walk with God….”  ~J.C. Ryle, …

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Lest They Become Discouraged

  . This trend of sharing less-than-favorable information with, well, essentially, with the world, is not limited to our husbands.  Our children can also be the victims of our snarky comments, and tendency to over-share.  Often the kid-version is a “cute” (but potentially embarrassing) anecdote, or a bit of gossip couched in a “prayer request.”   . And, it starts before …

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A Disastrous Failure of Evangelical Discernment

This morning, I read Al Mohler’s newest article.  Then I immediately posted a link to it on Twitter – which, I was surprised to discover, lost me a few followers!!  On to Facebook – where it may have caused a few to “unfriend” me, I don’t know.  Let’s see who I can alienate here, shall we? . Have you ever heard of a book called The …

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Sunday Starts Saturday Night

Sunday mornings can be a hectic, chaotic time.  Instead of causing us to focus on and prepare our hearts for worship, it is a time of frustration, resulting in the family arriving at church frazzled, irritated, and “fashionably” late.  It is a common problem.  At least, it has been in my home…And, I know I’m not alone, because I have …

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Christmas Blessings

At our Family Christmas Service this evening, our sweet church family blessed our family (and the senior pastor’s family) with an amazing gift basket…full of yummy treats, thoughtful gifts (for us and for Hannah), kind notes, gift cards and certificates…      Each one a thoughtful, undeserved blessing!  (The gifts themselves, but also those whom they represent!)  We are blessed to be a …

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