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Hannah’s First Swim

My sister came over this afternoon and we took Hannah “swimming” for the first time!
Doesn’t she look adorable in her little bathing suit?!



Our new house (I know, we moved in October, but I still think of it as new!) – besides being a house, having a great little backyard, and being in a quiet little community, has the added benefit of being less than a block away (a 2 minute walk, at most!) from one of the community pools (and playground)!

The pool was practically deserted! (I didn’t really want to take Hannah for her first swim in a pool swarming with loud, energetic kids who may not be overly concerned about accidentally splashing or bumping a little girl who has never been near a pool before…I wanted her to enjoy this, not be traumatized by it. So, I was thankful to see only one other person there when we arrived!) The weather warm, but it not nearly as hot as it has been, so the water was kind of cool. (I think she liked the spa better – it was warmer.) So she didn’t really “swim,” but even with an occasional shiver, she seemed to have a great time splashing us, and being bounced in the water. She even relaxed enough to float on her back (with Mommy or Auntie Jo’s help, of course!)



After she decided it was time to get out – meaning, she tried to climb the spa steps by herself, and attempted to run toward the chairs as soon as her feet were out of the water – she settled into her own lounge chair, and enjoyed laying out in the sun for a little while (don’t worry, she had on SPF 50 sunblock!). That’s my little California Girl!