Thinking Biblically

One Vote

———— “I am not beholden to the Republican Party, nor am I on a McCain bandwagon. …I’m not voting for Republicanism or McCain, I’m voting for generations of innocent children. I’m not speaking up for McCain; I’m speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9). Other special interest groups speak up for themselves—we are the only voice for …

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Initiators and Responders

The Need For Modesty  1. The Fall, Genesis 3 2. The Similarities – Sin 3. Our differences:             A. Visually Oriented ——————— Initiators and Responders Modesty is not all about clothing choices.  Oh, that is definitely a large part of it, but it is only a part.  True, biblical modesty is connected to every part of life.  It begins in our heart, …

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