Just for Fun

The Vault is Open!


On Wednesday, November 5th, Grace to You released their entire inventory of sermons in MP3 format for free download on their website!  (And, this includes John’s Sunday morning and evening sermons as well!)  Free. 

Desiring God (John Piper’s ministry) did something similar last year (which you can check out here).  

You can search both sites by date, series, Scripture reference, or specific titles.  What an amazing resource…and with just a click of your mouse… 

The e-mail that I received, from some friends at Grace Community Church, with this announcement said,

“John and GTY management have made this change because we believe that in uncertain times—an historic presidential election, a struggling economy, and multiplying threats to peace and stability around the world—there’s no reason to restrict the message of the gospel and its eternal certainty to those who can afford to pay for it or to those whose governments allow it….Please pray for His blessing as we step out in boldness to penetrate past economic and political barriers globally so that the glory of God’s name might be expanded exponentially.”

See, I told you it was good news!!