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Christmas Day

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I took hundreds of pictures. Yes. Hundreds…with an s. But, I won’t subject you to all of them (unless we’re friends on Facebook, then you’ve already seen them all!). Here is just a little glimpse of our day…

img_6041wmBefore…complete with Christmas music and a fire in our TV fireplace.

We started out the morning opening stockings…

Christmas Stockings 2016

Then, after breakfast, we were off to church…

2016_12_251{Aren’t they adorable?!}

I love that Christmas fell on a Sunday this year! I wish it always did. We had a sweet time, worshipping, and celebrating the birth of our Savior together with our church family!


I know that Christmas isn’t about the presents. But, I just love picking out special gifts for my family, and watching the excitement on my children’s faces as they open their presents! This year, I especially loved seeing them choose gifts for each other, and truly experiencing the joy of giving.

2016_12_253Favorites this year included books (of course!),
Transformers, American Girl accessories, a Minnie Mouse outfit, and a bike!

The kids had some time to enjoy their presents…

img_6258wmTitus explaining his new Transformers.img_6280wmRebekah on her new Minnie Mouse bike!

Then, we continued the celebration into the evening with Grammy and Grampy!

2016_12_255It was a busy, busy day. But, so fun.


Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

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Hannah’s 10th Birthday

Hannah's 10th Birthday

Hannah is quite the little party planner! {And, as an afterthought, I may have made a mistake introducing my artsy-crafty girl to the world of Pinterest.} She had the decorations, guest list, food, cake, and activities planned for months! Actually, her organization and detailed lists, along with Grandma’s help, were the only reason we were even able to pull off a party less than 2 weeks after adding a new baby to our family!


The theme was “Frozen.”




The menu:IMG_2482wmSouthwest Pinwheels
Carrots, Celery, and Pita Chips with Hummus
Strawberries, Grapes, and Blackberries
Snowcaps Candy
Cinnamon-Sugar Snowflakes
IMG_2485wmAnd, of course…
“Melted Snow” (Water)


{The Snowflake and “Happy Birthday” banners, and the water bottle labels were another Pinterest find.}

And, as always, Hannah had very specific ideas about her cake…or her cupcakes.
Chocolate, with vanilla (white) frosting…and snowflake decorations!
She and Grandma baked and decorated them together.

20150403_114129Licking the spoon is the best part.
And, like the sweet big sister that she is,
Hannah shared this privilege with her little sister.



The actual party was a bit more low-key than Hannah’s original plans.
But, everyone seemed to have a good time.

We invited several girls from church…

The girls had fun making paper snowflakes. (Yes, in Texas. In April.)


And, then they talked and giggled some more as they enjoyed the snacks.



Hannah has very sweet friends, and received some very thoughtful gifts…


A beautiful purse, books, and several craft projects!IMG_2503wm

Then, it was time for cupcakes and ice cream!



After our friends headed home, we continued the celebration with dinner, and gifts from the family…books about horses, doll clothes, more books (about more horses!), and a t-shirt and flip flops with horses on them! That theme was unintentional…but very appropriate for our horse-lover.




We are so glad Grandma & Grandpa could be here to celebrate with us.IMG_2541wm

It was such a fun time of celebrating our firstborn!!


Happy 10th Birthday, Hannah!!

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(Saw this on Facebook this afternoon, and it was just too good not to share!)


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You Might Be A Calvinist If…

Surely, you have heard some rendition of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” jokes.

Along those same lines, I present, for your amusement:

You might be a Calvinist if…

…you send your mother tulips on Mother’s Day.
…you purchased an MP3 player for the sole purpose of downloading sermons.
…you adjusted the default settings at Biblegateway from “NIV” to “ESV”.
…your preacher says turn to Obediah and you do not use the index to find it.
…you think a 50 minute sermon is too short.
…quotes from Pink, Piper, Spurgeon, or Sproul pop into your head at random times during the day.
…you are confused when someone uses the term “my Bible” as if they only have one.
…you smile, nod and hold your tongue with your teeth after a lively church service when someone says, “God showed up today.”
…you’ve ever been banned from a Sunday School class for quoting scripture.
…you have ever purposefully sung a different word in a hymn to conform to scripture.
…you’ve ever heard a wave of groans when you refer to Romans 9.


(And, yes, in case you were wondering, I can relate to most of these.  Oh, and if you liked this, you might enjoy this post as well.)


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Physical Evidence…

Because, sometimes we all need a good laugh…even if it is at our own expense…


My sweet friend, Jules, has tagged me in this fun little meme demanding physical evidence as answers to the following questions.  How about photographic evidence?


1.  What could serve as physical evidence that you sometimes lose focus?


Um…How about this:



Or this:



(Sadly typical of both my computer and my life on any given day…)


2.  What could serve as physical evidence that you are loved?


These two:



3.  What could serve as physical evidence that you’re from wherever you’re from?


Not much… But, perhaps my undying devotion to a particular hockey team:


(That would be me with Jim Fox – LA Kings’ Commentator and former player.)


4.  What could serve as physical evidence that you went anywhere this past week?


Obviously, I don’t get out enough:



5.  What could serve as physical evidence that you recently caved in to temptation?


The plate of brownie crumbs sitting next to me…


And, no. No pictures of that one.




If you would like to play along…consider yourself tagged.



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