The Countdown is On!

So, this is the post where I would usually tell you all about how we hauled out the boxes of Christmas decorations, and put up our tree…But, that’s not going to happen.  This year, instead of taking stuff out of boxes right now, I am (or should be) busy putting stuff in them. 


The countdown is officially on for our upcoming move!  I have 12 days to finish packing up all of our earthly possessions before the movers come to take it all away!!  For those of you who may be a little bit confused by the sequence of events, our stuff is moving before we do.  Jason and I will go out to Arizona with it, and make sure it all gets put…well, at least somewhere near its intended location.  Then, we will come back and spend 2 weeks with my family, before heading out to the desert after Christmas.  



I will try to check in on the bloggy-world occasionally in the next few weeks, but it may not happen with much frequency.  There is still much to do…but, thankfully I can already cross one thing off of my to-do list for the coming weeks!  It is December 1st (only just!), and I am done, done with my Christmas shopping!  And, most of it is already wrapped and waiting to be placed under the tree…at my parents’ house!