Breaking the Silence

The blog has been a bit quiet this month…though with good reason!  And, though I’ve been monopolizing my mom’s computer to keep up with my friends in the bloggy-world, I haven’t really given much time to my own site.  But, once we are settled in our new home, have our computer up and running (after we find the appropriate boxes), and have access to the internet, I plan to resume posting with some regularity…probably starting with a few back-dated posts and pictures to bring things up-to-date, and keep everything neat and tidy in my little brain. :)   For now, let’s just say that it has been a crazy month, but it has been a huge blessing to spend a little extra time with our family and friends here in California before the big move.  But, we are also looking foward to being reunited with our “stuff,” unpacking and settling into our new home, and getting acquainted with our new neighborhood, and jumping into life and ministry at our new church.


But, for those who seem to be under the impression that we are moving to the face of the sun (myself included), here is proof that it does in fact get cold in the desert.  I consider this to be good news, because, I was seriously worried that I would never get to wear my sweaters after we moved…  But, right now, it is about 5 degrees colder in the town that we are moving to than it is here…Brrr! :) (In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I am also posting this so that, when the summer temperatures reach 127, and it does feel like we’ve moved to the face of the sun, I will have something to look back on/look forward to… ;) )


I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!  Please check back in after the New Year…hopefully by then I’ll have a few new posts. :)