Hannah Elisabeth, Just for Fun


Grandma and Grandpa Thompson (and Auntie Jo) came to visit this weekend!!  On Valentine’s Day, Grandma & Grandpa took Hannah to Build-A-Bear.  They recorded a special message for her, and put it inside her new friend!


Hannah chose a (Jack Russell Terrier) puppy.


She and Grandpa waited in line to get him stuffed.


Hannah picked out a heart, and participated in the “Heart Ceremony” before putting the heart into her puppy.


Then she got to name her new puppy (”Buster”) and create a birth certificate for him (which she made Grandma read to her over and over on the ride home!).


Hannah didn’t know that Buster could talk!  Here she is listening to her special message from Grandma and Grandpa.


Hannah loves Buster…and she loves being able to hear Grandpa and Grandma’s voices anytime she starts to miss them!