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How to Make A Cappuccino

One of Hannah’s favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa’s house (and probably one of Grandpa’s favorites too) is to “help” Grandpa make coffee (cappuccino).  She has watched him very closely, so she knows exactly what to do to make the perfect cappuccino.  And, I have a sneaking suspicion that if we actually let her try, she could probably do it all by herself!!  (I see a job at Starbucks in her future…)  So, this is for Grandpa…


A step-by-step, picture tutorial: How to Make A Cappuccino


Coffee With Grandpa


Step 1: Find a cute little helper.  


Step 2: When your helper says it is time (and not a moment before), steam the milk. 


Step 3: Pour espresso in two cups. 


Step 4: Let your helper stir in the sugar. 


Step 5: Under the watchful eye of your cute little helper, add the steamed milk.


Steps 6 & 7: Make sure to add equal amounts of foam to each cup – your helper will make sure that the cups are even.


Step 8: Let your helper taste the foam (it’s not caffeinated, right?). 


Step 9: Got Cappuccino?

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  1. Adorable photos. They made me smile. Times like these are precious. I love the body language of the grandfather — it’s very evident that he adores your daughter. And it’s unconscious. He’s not trying to show us that he loves her. He just does.

    ( I found you through a link via comments on Rose Cottage. I am glad to meet you. I am bookmarking your blog, so I can stop by again.)

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