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All In A Day’s Work

It has been a busy day around here!  But, well worth it!!


Last week, I mentioned that we had purchased several gallons of paint (in three different colors).  Well, the buckets have been sitting in a back bedroom since then…untouched.  I kind of wondered how long it would take us to get around to doing something with them…it only took us 8 months to finalize the colors, and purchase the paint!


But, this morning after breakfast, Jason pulled our “ignormous” (a Hannah-isim meaning enormous) tub of painting supplies out of the garage and got to work!! 


Jason (and Hannah) taped off the ceiling, and I took care of the baseboards, and trim.  And then we were ready to get started!


Hannah did a great job of entertaining herself while we worked today.  She had fun playing dolls, coloring, reading books, and watching a movie.  And, she loved to come down and peek over from the stairway to check on our progress, or complement our painting skills, or – how cute is this? remind us not to touch the paint until it was dry.  (Never mind that we were already covered in paint spatters!)


In just a few hours of hard work, we were able to get the entry, the living room, and downstairs hallway finished, as well as part of the kitchen/dining room area.  (We need to get a little more paint before we are able to finish the kitchen!) 


The change is pretty drastic.  This morning, the room had white walls and trim, beige linoleum, and not-quite-white carpet.  While we couldn’t really do anything about the carpet and linoleum, the walls are now a cozy shade of  “Coffee” brown.  (Who names these colors, anyway?  Wouldn’t that be a fun job!?)  And, while I think it all too appropriate, the name of this particular color did not have any bearing on the final choice.  We used it in our previous house, and loved it…so, I was very happy to see that it would be a good fit here as well!


Here is a little before and after comparison…

 Before & After


The “before” picture (on the left) was taken at Easter…but, aside from being a gratuitous shot of my very fun, very adorable daughter, it was taken in the same spot as the “after” picture (on the right), so you can get a little glimpse of how different it looks.  We love it…and, so does our little zoo…I think…it’s hard to tell with them…

Actually, I don’t think they care one bit about the new paint color.  I think they are just glad that they are once again free to roam the house.


  1. Kat

    Awesome job! Must feel GREAT to have that done. It only took one coat?

    That’s my problem. Seems to always take 2 coats of paint so it’s hard to come back and get the second coat done. Maybe you used a better quality paint. Anyway – looks great!

    1. Kat,
      Thanks!! I am happy with how it turned out. Now we’re making plans to conquer the rest of the house! 🙂

      For the most part, it did only take one coat!! I was kind of surprised, since the color was so dark, and we were painting over white (we didn’t prime)! The kitchen and bathrooms will take 2 (I could tell from the small section that we were able to get to in the kitchen). But, it dries so fast here, that by the time you get to the end of the wall, the area where you started is already dry!!

      Oh, we used Wal-Mart paint (can’t think of the “brand” name)…it is their low-end brand, but we’ve used it I think this is 3 times now? It was recommended to us by a friend, and we’ve been impressed with the quality (espeically since it is quite a bit cheaper – price-wise – than some of the other stuff out there). And, it has a 15-year warranty so… 🙂

  2. looks great! cute pics too, of Hannah and of the cats in their tower. 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      Thanks! 🙂
      I wasn’t intentionally looking for a picture with Hannah…just one in the same general area. But… 😉
      I figured I should give the cats and dog a little press, since we locked the cats in the bathroom, and the dog outside while we were working…didn’t exactly want a variety of paw prints sponge-painted all over the carpet!!! 🙂

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