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Mommy, Today is Wednesday!!

1st Night of Cubbies (2009)
First Night of Cubbies (2009)


Hannah has been super-excited about the first night of Cubbies…pretty much since the last night of AWANA at the beginning of the summer!!  Last week, I went to a leaders’ meeting (yes, I have once again donned the blue shirt…), and she was so disappointed that I was “going to Cubbies without her”.  How dare I! ;)  Since that night, she has been oh-so-carefully keeping track of the days, and counting down until she could go to Cubbies.  Counting down to an AWANA event?  I wonder where she gets it?! ;)  Every morning I would hear something like, “Today is Saturday…I get to go play at my friend’s house.  Only 4 more days until Cubbies!!”  (Repeat that scenario every morning, filling in a variety of different activities for each day…You know it’s bad when she considers “Laundry Day” as one of the countdown activities!)


This morning, when she realized that today was the day she had been waiting for, I thought she was going to burst with excitement.  At 5:45 (yes, a.m.) I could already hear her, awake and playing in her bedroom.  (I was already up and finishing up my notes for our women’s Bible Study this morning.)  I went in to check on her, and inform her that she really should still be asleep…Her response?  “Mommy!  Today is Wednesday!!  It is Cubbies!!!“  Yes, Hannah, but it is too early for you to be up…  “But, Mommy, the sun is almost up!”  Yeah…almost. 🙂


It was a long day of waiting for my little Cubbie.  And, she was beyond thrilled when I told her it was finally time to put on her blue vest and head out the door!!  She couldn’t wait to see “Miss Jenni” and all her friends.  Some of her good friends from last year have moved on to Sparks, so she is now among the “experienced” Cubbies. (?)  She enthusiastically sang the Cubbies Song, and listened to the story, and got to put her first sticker in her Bear Hug booklet…even though she was hoping to get her “real book”…next week.  Throughout the night, she would glance over at me and grin, and say “Mommy, I just love this!!” 


It was a fun night…and we are looking forward to a great year.  But, right now, I am exhausted…and hoping that we can wait until after the sun comes up to start the day tomorrow…


  1. Wow! What a perfect Awana child! 🙂 Must be in the genes…. I’m excited for Madeleine to do Awana!

  2. So cute! Both of you are adorable! You even *look* rested. Behind the sun glasses!

    I’m glad it was a fun night and hope the excitement wore off enough to allow for sleep. 😉

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