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Lest They Become Discouraged

  . This trend of sharing less-than-favorable information with, well, essentially, with the world, is not limited to our husbands.  Our children can also be the victims of our snarky comments, and tendency to over-share.  Often the kid-version is a “cute” (but potentially embarrassing) anecdote, or a bit of gossip couched in a “prayer request.”   . And, it starts before …

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Wise Words for Parents

“You cannot control your children, you say.  Then the Lord have mercy on you!  It is your business to do it, and you must do it, or else you will soon find they will control you.  No one knows what judgment will come from God upon those who allow sin in children to go unrebuked.” . ~Charles Spurgeon .

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A Very Merry 5th Birthday Party

We turned our home into “Wonderland” for Hannah’s 5th birthday party! . Admittedly, we mixed themes a bit…The table was a combination of the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” and “Painting the Roses Red”.  The cake was (supposed to be) the White Rabbit’s pocket watch. . Our craft idea came from the “Golden Afternoon” scene…Each of the girls made flower hair accessories! …

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On Loan

My mom used to listen to Rush Limbaugh quite regularly when I was growing up.  And, my sister and I were often a captive audience, as we rode in the car, or cleaned house while his program was on.  He used to start out his segments (and, I don’t know, maybe he still does) by describing himself as having “talent …

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