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What could be more fun that a 4-year-old girls’ sleepover? 


Judging by the non-stop chatter, the explosions of giggles, and the happy squeals I heard all night, not much!!


 Here they are brushing their teeth before bed…


Bedtime was more like a rousing game of “musical beds.”  They wanted to sleep in the same bed, but Hannah’s bed was too small, so they wanted to be in different beds.  Then they were to far apart, so they wanted to be together on the floor.  But then they were “squished,” so they wanted separate beds…  It went on like this for the better part of an hour.  I don’t really even know what the final sleeping arrangements ended up looking like…I just know that they got quiet , and I am assuming that they actually fell asleep at some point.




It was well after 10:30, when I finally had to tell them that it was time to be quiet and go to sleep.  This was the exchange:


Me: “Girls, it is time to be quiet and go to sleep.”
Hannah: “But, Mom, we’re just having fun!”
Me: “I know, but you can have more fun in the morning.  Right now, it is time to be quiet and go to sleep.”
Hannah & Ryann: “Okay.”
Door closes…more muffled whispers and giggles…
Then Hannah comes up with this gem: “No Ryann, my Mom says we have to stop having fun.  We have to go to sleep now.”


Every party needs a pooper, that’s why we invited you… 


Oh well.  They picked up right where they left off when they woke up this morning (at 5:45!). 

Hannah & Ryann

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  1. DAD/Grampa

    How fun for all of you! And now she can have a sleepover with Auntie Jo!

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