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Welcome Back Whiteout

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Welcome Back Whiteout

Phoenix Coyotes “Welcome Back Whiteout”


Sadly, or maybe not, depending on how you look at it, the Coyotes lost to the Blue Jackets,  2-0. 


I am not a Coyotes fan.  I am a Kings fan.  Yes, I know that is a dangerous statement to make in Coyote territory.  But, it’s true.  So, I find myself a bit conflicted about the outcome of tonight’s game.  It is always kind of sad to see the home team lose their home opener.  Kind of. 


But, I just could not bring myself to chant “Let’s Go Coyotes!”  I just couldn’t do it.


Did I mention that the goalie for the other team (Mathieu Garon) was one of my favorites when he played for the Kings…and he was good tonight!  (Obviously, since the game ended in a shutout.)  And, the Coyotes new goalie (their back-up), was not my favorite when he was on the Kings? 


Ooh…Maybe I was actually rooting for the Blue Jackets?! 


Nah… 😉