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Think Pink


These are pictures of Hannah’s room before we started the make-over.  Still very much a “baby” room.  The armoire in the left picture is her…changing table.  (The top doors open up, and a shelf pulls out to change baby.)  The bottom doors open to reveal 5 drawers…and while they fit her newborn and toddler wardrobe quite well, her “big kid” clothes were a little too…well, big.  And, in the picture on the right, you can see that (up until this past Christmas) she was still sleeping in her crib!  Of course, we removed the railing to make it a “toddler bed” a couple of years ago, but basically, it is still a crib.


However, her Granny and Grandpa brought this (along with its twin – pun intended!) with them when they came out at Christmas!


I had spotted this adorable quilt, and bought it long before we had any use for it.  I “stalked” it at the store (Target) and online for several months before I actually bought it.  It was so cute, and I figured that if I didn’t get it, it wouldn’t be there when I wanted it!!  Then, Granny and Grandpa helped complete the bedding set with new pillows and sheets, and some coordinating (very soft!) throw blankets. 


We also found a fun brown polka-dotted rug and shower curtain that almost matched the bedding set!  (It isn’t exact, but it is pretty close!)   I turned the shower curtain into a valance:



Of course, I had the “help” of this furry little creature:


Ta da!! (Yes, I’m quite proud of this!)


Then, on  Saturday, the day Hannah has been patiently anticipating for over a year finally arrived!!  We covered anything that couldn’t be moved out of the room, and Daddy taped off the ceiling and baseboards…and we opened up the can of pink paint!!


Hannah helped Daddy stir the paint, and even helped with the actual painting!


We still have a little bit of work left to do…which will happen as time (and money) allows.  But for now, this is the finished room:


Because of the the paint fumes, Hannah had to sleep in another room.  Her daddy and I put everything back while she was asleep.  So, she didn’t get to see the final product until the next morning.  Her reaction?

She was so excited, she actually hugged the wall. 


Yeah, I think she likes it. 


  1. Taylor Halvorson

    That is so cute that she hugged the wall! 🙂 The room looks adorable!! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful little girls’ room! I love it! And I love brown and pink together! My girls’ bedding came from Target too (different than yours).

  3. LOVE it! I am so impressed with your domestic skillz!

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