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A Very Merry 5th Birthday Party

We turned our home into “Wonderland” for Hannah’s 5th birthday party!


Admittedly, we mixed themes a bit…The table was a combination of the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” and “Painting the Roses Red”.  The cake was (supposed to be) the White Rabbit’s pocket watch.


Our craft idea came from the “Golden Afternoon” scene…Each of the girls made flower hair accessories!


Hannah’s wonderful daddy used his artistic ability to create our game: “Pin-the-Smile-on-the-Cheshire-Cat!”


Hannah invited several friends from church and Cubbies to help celebrate!
 We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed her with such sweet friends!


  1. Looks so great! What a fun party! So when are you throwing me a wonderland party?? 😉 heehee.

    1. How ’bout a Wonderland Baby Shower…Well, maybe not for a boy…for your next girl? 🙂

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