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Baby Bump: 17 Weeks

Baby Bump: 17 weeks
(So, it isn’t too much bigger than when I posted this…And you may still have to look really, really close…
But, baby is growing, and making his/her presence known!)


I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday to check on the little one, listen to the heartbeat, and generally make sure everything was going well.


They spent the entire appointment telling me, “Everything looks great!”  (Except that I have low blood-pressure…but, apparently, that is a good thing.)


Then they hand me a stack of paperwork with this explanation…


“We’re sending you to a high-risk doctor for an ultrasound.”


Wait, what?!  I thought everything looked great?


Ohhh, I shouldn’t worry… You send all of your patients to this doctor… High-risk or not…


Um, could you, maybe, have started with that piece of information???


I have started breathing again, and I think my heart has finally resumed its normal rhythm…but, I do think my blood pressure jumped up a few points for a little while!


Bottom line:  Everything really is fine.  I am not being classified as high-risk.  And, it really is good news!  This appointment will simply be the normal 20-week ultrasound: to check the heart and other organs, size, and confirm baby’s estimated due date (February 6th!).


Oh…and we will also get to find out if baby is a boy or a girl!!!


We have received several “predictions” from friends.  And, so far, everyone seems pretty evenly split…  I have my own suspicions on what baby will turn out to be…


But, I’m curious.  What do you all think?  Will baby’s room be pink or blue?  Post your guesses in the comments.


Lord-willing, we will know the answer in just a few weeks!!  (Yes, I am more than just a little anxious to find out.  And, no I do not want to be “surprised” when baby arrives.)


  1. If you were any cuter you couldn’t BE any cuter!

  2. Margaret

    yikes, I can see how that was a heart-pounding few minutes! I am guessing you will have a 2nd little girl- no reason, just a 50/50 guess. 🙂 Plus you can reuse all Hannah’s stuff!

  3. please don’t worry yourself. I am 34 weeks tomorrow and they told me to see a specialist 3 times and they told me all sorts of horrible things, but my baby is perfect!!! The awful things they told me ended up being unfounded, and through it all I remembered that I serve an all pwoerful and mighty God, who can heal anything that might be “wrong” and besides, even if my baby was born with a deformity would I love him any less? NO! Praise God for the fruit of your womb. Prayers are with you. Would you pray for me and my son, for a healthy delivery? My due date is Oct 22. thank you 🙂 sister in Christ, Melissa

  4. Amy

    Veronica, you look SO cute pregnant! Oh my goodness. Really cute. And I am guessing boy. No reason (other than I think it would be fun to have one of each and with 3 boys of my own, I do like boys:).

  5. Amanda

    I think you will really like going to the specialist. You get to see so much more in the ultrasound. 🙂

  6. Oh… people say that to me all the time. “Don’t you want to be surprised?”

    I assure them that I will be very surprised… just 20 weeks earlier than everyone else. 🙂 Seriously… with limited space and funds, we need the time to prepare.

    So fun!

  7. Adorable! So excited for you!

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