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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 2

This is how we start out most of our school days:

Katy's (New) Favorite SpotKicking a sleepy cat out of  our chairs!
These chairs have become this kitty’s new favorite napping spot.


We have been studying Genesis 1 – the 6 days of Creation!
And yesterday, we finished putting together our Creation Timeline:

(More to come on this topic on Monday. Stay tuned!)


We are still working on silent reading comprehension.  But, Hannah has been working so hard!  She has continued to improve this week, but, more than that, she has impressed me with her diligence in this area.

She told me at one point, “Mom, school is hard, but it’s not too hard!”  And, I think that is exactly as it should be: Hard enough to be challenging, but not so hard that it is discouraging.  I think we have struck a good balance…at least for now. I am praying that it continues…and that we will realize if, or when, it doesn’t.


This week we worked on identifying even and odd numbers, using pictographs, and reading/recognizing number words, and ordinals.  These last two tied in quite nicely with our Bible lessons!  And I loved seeing her excitement as she made the connection – “Mom! This is what I learned in math!”

I love it!!


Are you wondering what this picture has to do with a phonics lesson?

The title of today’s lesson was “God Made Brown.”  And, one of the suggested activities was taking a “Leaf Walk” and then creating an “Experience Story.”  Hannah loves to write stories!  So, we took a little “walk” to the front yard.  It isn’t exactly Fall yet…at least, not here in Texas.  But, we are in the middle of a 6-month drought, so, sadly, we did have a few leaves scattered on the front lawn that just couldn’t hold on any longer…  Unfortunately, the title of the story was supposed to be “Colorful Leaves,” but, as you can see, the title of the lesson was all too appropriate, as the only leaves we found were brown!

Another great tie-in: handwriting practice today was the letter “L”!


Today was test day…

Hannah took her first history test, and got a perfect score! Yay!!

She also took her second spelling test today.  Hannah loves to write stories, and will often write notes to me, her daddy, or her friends.  But, we didn’t focus too much (or at all!) on spelling last year.  So, she often spells words phonetically… I give her all sorts of credit for trying, and the end result is readable…but not always correct.  So, spelling is a focus this year.  And, I am happy to say that she also got a perfect score on today’s spelling test!!

We certainly don’t require perfection.  And, aside from knowing that she did her best, and worked hard, there is no (tangible) “reward” for a perfect score.  But, as her mommy, and her teacher, I am excited to see the results of her hard work over the past two weeks!

So, that was our week… Link up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, to share your week in homeschooling!