Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The last two weeks have been a bit “off” around here.

It started with my husband attending a funeral early last week…and coming home with pinkeye. A birthday (mine). Shopping for and preparing food for our church’s men’s retreat (which, ultimately, ended up being cancelled). A good, but too-late night at church on Wednesday…which lead to an even later-night conversation about the nature of missions, ministry, and God’s calling. (Nothing like a theologically heavy conversation to help one relax and wind down after a long day!!)

So, of course, I followed all of this up by spending most of yesterday feeling icky. (I still don’t know if it was simply exhaustion, a short-lived bug, allergies - to what? I have no idea, the recent – albeit slight – change in the weather, pregnancy related, or something else altogether… I am just very thankful to have woken up this morning feeling much better!!)

All that to say… Although I do have a few posts and book reviews brewing, I thought that today, I would share a few of my recent finds from the last 14 days or so…

(I stole this all-too-appropriate comic from my friend Jules.
Check out more adventures of “Koffee & Mowse” here.)

I hesitate ever so slightly to use the word “favorite,” though some of the following links could definitely be classified as such.  But, others are just (somewhat sadly) of a more thought-provoking nature…

From Dan Phillips, of Biblical Christianity (and Pyromaniacs), who is quickly becoming one of my favorite, “must-read” bloggers (and authors!):

From Pyromaniacs:

  • Playing Nice with Heretics, by Phil Johnson: “…we need to determine whether someone is a heretic or not by examining what [s]he actually teaches, not by what that person claims of himself when [s]he is under fire.”
  • Open Letter to James MacDonald, by Tom Chantry (and Frank Turk): “if the children of your congregation are just another Unreached People Group, what exactly are you building?”

From Al Moher:

For Homeschoolers:

  • It seems that we timed our history lessons for this week and next just perfectly!  Why? We have been (and will continue into next week) studying Christopher Columbus.  And, Monday is…Columbus Day!  I am thinking about including this incredibly creative idea from Chas, at Heritage Acres Homestead, into next week’s lessons!!

And, a few “just for fun” items:

  • Make these: Italian Beef Sandwiches.  I realize that this recipe is from February.  But, I just got around to making them about 2 weeks ago.  And, as is the case with any recipe that Jules posts, they are so, so good!  Even Hannah (my little wannabe-vegetarian) loved them, and has asked that I make them again…soon.  (While you’re there, check out another one of our favorites: Fusilli with Broccoli & Lemon Cream. A regular on our family’s menu.)
  • And, I have to mention that today is a very happy day.  Why? It is the start of the L.A. Kings regular season. Yes, I live in Texas. So what? Sadly, it does mean that I won’t be watching as the Kings take the ice…but I will be listening! And, while I am thankful that (yay for online radio!), it just isn’t the same with out these two voices:

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