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Worldliness is one of the greatest dangers that beset the human soul. It is no wonder that we find our Lord speaking strongly about it: it is an insidious, specious, plausible enemy; it seems so innocent to pay close attention to our business! It seems so harmless to seek our happiness in this world, so long as we keep clear of open sins! Yet here is a rock on which many are shipwrecked for all eternity. They “store up…treasures on earth,” and forget to “store up…treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:19-20).  May we all remember this!

Where are our hearts?

What do we love best?

Are our chief affections on things on earth, or things in heaven?

Life or death depends on the answer we can give to these questions.


J.C. Ryle, Matthew {The Crossway Classic Commentaries}, pg. 43