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Weekly Wrap-Up: Weeks 8 & 9

In my life last week… Since it has been a while, I’ll catch y’all up by starting with last week.  Let’s see… Last Sunday, I started spotting at 25 weeks of pregnancy…was put on 2 days of very limited activity…and had an emergency ultrasound (at the hospital) on Monday. (Looking on the bright side, we got to see our little boy again!)  Thankfully, everything looked fine, baby was pronounced healthy (and very active!), and I was told that while I needed to be careful and take it easy, I could pretty much return to normal activity.  Unfortunately, I think I kind of overdid it, and landed myself back in bed for a day on Wednesday.  I had a routine check up with my doctor (whom I love!) the next day, and she was very reassuring, and not overly-concerned…so I’ve been trying to follow her lead.  (I’ve been hearing all sorts of speculation as to why this has happened, but there really is no explanation…other than the fact that while it is unusual, it is somehow still considered “normal.”)

Needless to say…all that wasn’t exactly part of the lesson plan!

In my life this week…  I am feeling better, and I am incredibly thankful that our baby is just fine.  I have, once again, been cautiously allowed to return to normal activities…with strict instructions not to “over do.”  I think that might become my mantra for the next 3 months….  So, I have been trying to take it easy, to slow down (literally! Because, according to my husband, I walk very fast for a pregnant lady.), and to just let some things go.  And, can I just tell you, it has not been easy! It is taking intentional, concentrated effort on my part!  But, if it keeps our little boy safe and healthy for the remainder of this pregnancy, then I will happily make that effort!  I mean, I am anxious to meet him, but I’d really rather it be at the proper time!

In our homeschool this week… In light of the events of the past two weeks, we are playing catch-up this week.

We did a few subjects last week, but I am happy to say that the learning continued even when I couldn’t.  Daddy jumped in and is a wonderful “substitute.”  He is hardly a substitute.  He truly is a “homeschool dad,” and even came up with a few lessons of his own!  And he and Hannah watched some fascinating creation videos together…that I am still hearing about! (Science? Check!)

This week the majority of our schooling has taken place on the couch… I miss the easy access to my bigger whiteboard (for explaining math concepts, and writing out copywork and spelling words), but the couch’s proximity to the fireplace has more than made up for that! (The last few days have been on the cooler side – for Texas anyway – so we’ve been enjoying our reading and history lessons snuggled up by the fire!)

My favorite thing this week was… Watching my daughter read anything and everything!  Books, signs, labels…even over my shoulder while I’m on the computer!  Reading has clicked in a big way…and she has finally realized that it is fun!  I have loved seeing her curled up on the couch with her little nose in a book at every opportunity!

What’s working/not working for us… For the past 2 months, our daily school schedule has been broken down by subject.  We talk about a lesson, and then Hannah works on the assignments associated with that particular subject.  Then we move on to the next, and proceed that way for the remainder of our school time.  I kind of like keeping things neatly separated that way, and it gives the day some variety.  But, I’ve also discovered that my energy is much more limited right now.  And, the shorter blocks of time were not allowing me enough time to finish other things (chores, meal prep, projects) while Hannah was working independently.  Oh, I could get started…but by the time the time our school day was done, so was I…Leaving me with lots of half-started chores and other projects, and nowhere near enough energy to actually see them through to completion!

So, we are trying out something new: I have divided up our school day into 2 parts.  I spend the first part of the day teaching and introducing any new concepts – for all subjects.  Then, Hannah spends the remainder of our school time working (mostly) independently to complete her assignments (while I work independently on other things).  Of course, I am available to answer questions, and help when needed.

While I do like how it is working so far, I don’t know that this will be a permanent change.  But, for now, it is helping.

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A homeschool milestone to be celebrated:
Someone finished her first reading book, and has moved on to the second!!
Yay Hannah!!


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  1. Awesome that your hubby so enjoys being a homeschool dad & does it so well! So glad to hear baby is fine, so you just keep on takin’ it easy. 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    New to your blog and love it! I’ve actually subscribed…I’ve never done that before!
    Grace and peace to you and your family.

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