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Counting Down!

Our little boy is due 1 month from today!!

35 Weeks!!

As far as the actual pregnancy itself, I have had it fairly easy.  (The getting there…well, that’s another story.) And, I’ve generally felt pretty good the whole time.  So, it really has gone by incredibly fast…at least from my perspective.  We announced it fairly early, so I know to some, it seems like I have been pregnant forever.

But, either way, it is still a little unreal when I think about just how close we are to meeting our son!!

Especially when I consider that, not too long ago, I really didn’t think we would ever have another (biological) child…

I want to be thankful. For every moment. For every time I get to hear his steady heartbeat. For every ache. For every time I get to see him (via ultrasound).  For every sleepless night. For every time I get to feel his little (and not so little!) kicks.

Because, I realize now, maybe more so than I did with Hannah, that this time is not simply something to be taken for granted…to be endured…to get through…

The truth is, I don’t know, not just when, but if I’ll ever get to experience it again.  And I don’t want to miss out on one moment.

I wouldn’t wish the pain and struggle of infertility and miscarriage on anyone. But, sometimes I do wonder…if more women did have to deal with it, would they – could they – still take these precious moments for granted?

I won’t.  I can’t.

Hannah is my first child.  So, being pregnant with her was a totally new experience.  I enjoyed and treasured every new stage, and flutter, and hiccup, and kick…  Then, as a newborn, and as a toddler…and now as “kid” – everything she did was new, and exciting, and special.

But, in the back of my mind, I always assumed I would get to experience it all again…and relatively soon.

I never dreamed I would have to wait so long…

Even though it didn’t happen the way I would have planned it, or in the time frame that I would have preferred, I am thankful to have gone through it. Because, I can no longer take the ability to get pregnant for granted.  And, I will no longer assume that I am guaranteed a repeat of this experience.

So, even though I can no longer see my toes (I can reach them!!)… I am still just so amazed, and so thankful for this precious, unexpected blessing!


  1. Mindy

    I loved this post. Thank you for speaking your heart and sharing what women with secondary infertility feel. I still hold out a small hope that I may be able to experience pregnancy again, but God has been so good to bless our family through adoption. What an exciting time for you and I’m so happy for you and your sweet family!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mindy! I am so excited to see what God has done in your family too! And, I am praying with you that the Lord would allow you to experience another pregnancy as well. 🙂

  2. kayla

    I came upon your blog a few months ago and was so excited when I saw you were expected to have your baby just 8 days after my baby’s due date! After reading your story on struggling to conceive with a second child I was so in awe of God when you announced that you and your husband will be having baby #2! This is mine and my husband’s first baby and we are thrilled!! I just read this post and wanted to say it greatly encouraged me to treasure these last few days/weeks of my pregnancy. I admit there have been times when I have said “I just can’t wait for this baby to come!!” Between the heartburn and back aches I am looking forward to our son coming out =) BUT reading your words again on how you never know when pregnancy may come again I am challenged to truly praise the Lord over the next few days/weeks till our precious son arrives. Thank you for ministering to me! Maybe our sons will be born on the same day if I’m late and you’re early =)

    1. Kayla,
      Thank you for your sweet comment! I’ll be praying that you will be able to truly enjoy and treasure these last few days of waiting for your son… And know that I’m so with you on the “I just can’t wait for this baby to come!!” sentiments, as I am so incredibly excited to meet him and hold him (in my arms)!! 😉

      And wouldn’t that be fun if our boys were born on the same day!? 🙂


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