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Happy Birthday, Titus!

02Happy 5th Birthday, Titus!

My sweet boy, I can hardly believe you are already 5! How is that even possible?

I love how you can be all boy one minute…loudly running, growling, crashing, stomping, climbing. And then you are a sweet, perfect little gentleman the next…helping me carry groceries, offering to vacuum the stairs, quietly reading a book, or offering me a handful of dandelions or a Play Doh heart.

You are my little scholar. You started kindergarten this year! I thought that your super-high energy level might make sitting still, learning to write, and add, and read more than a little bit difficult. But, you have completely surprised me! Your first-day excitement and enthusiasm has continued. You are ready, if not eager, to start our school time each day. You work hard. And, you have become a real little bookworm…you no longer just sit and look at the pictures. You can read!!!

You are a sweet brother. You do spend a good amount of time terrorizing your sisters…chasing them, growling at them, making horrible faces at them. But, at the same time, you take care of them. You look out for Rachel, and try to cheer her up when she gets grumpy. You adore Hannah, and love any special time you get with her…especially if it involves Legos. You offer to play a game that Rebekah wants to play, instead of the game you would prefer.

You have taught me about superheroes, Transformers, and reptiles. Things I once found boring or terrifying, have become interesting (if still terrifying) because I love hearing you explain them.

You are loud, but shy. A bundle of movement and energy, but a studious little bookworm. Serious and hilarious. You are crazy-stubborn, but you have such a sweet, tender heart.

I pray that the Lord would continue to soften your heart, and bend that iron will of yours to conform with His. I pray that you would grow into a man who loves the Lord – with all of your heart, soul, strength, and mind.

I love you, Buddy. Happy Birthday!