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A Superhero Birthday

2017_02_07We started the morning with “Birthday Biscuits” for breakfast!
After breakfast, he opened a few presents…He got a new water bottle, a dragon, Thor’s Hammer, and a BB-8.
I usually give the birthday boy (or girl) the day off from school on their birthday. So, he had the rest of the day to play!
2017_02_071Grandma and Grandpa were visiting from California, and they came over to celebrate with us. They brought more presents: a Storm Trooper and an Iron Man costume, and “light savers”!

The Birthday Boy picked homemade waffles, with berries and whipped cream for dinner.

Then, Grampy and Grammy came over for cake…and more presents: A very cool Lego tank that moves and lights up, and a Backyard Scientist Kit…he is already very excited about looking for bugs tomorrow!

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Superhero!