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Hannah’s First Year

  Hannah’s First Year 1st Row: April 4, 2005-1week old-2weeks old-3weeks old-4weeks old 2nd Row: 1month old (May)-2months (June)-3months (July)-4months (Aug.) 3rd Row: 5months (Sept.)-6months (Oct.)-7months (Nov.)-8months (Dec.) 4th Row: 9months (Jan.)-10months (Feb.)-11months (March)-Happy 1st Birthday!!   Today is Hannah’s first birthday! They say that time flies when you’re having fun! And, it sure has. This has been one amazing …

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Hannah Elisabeth, Mommyhood


I think we can now say we officially have a toddler! Hannah has been walking for a few weeks now, with no major spills…until tonight.   She was playing with daddy while mommy was getting the kitchen set up for the Men’s Bible Study that we host every other Monday…. They were just wandering around the living room and dining …

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