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Sad News

This is a copy of the e-mail we sent to family and friends, but since we announced the pregnancy here as well, and some of you are not on our e-mail list…

Dear Friends,

We are sad to have to share this news with you, and while we would prefer not to share it in this format, our main reason for doing so is to ask for your prayers. It would mean so much to us, and it would be effective, because God promises to hear our prayers, and to act on them.

Yesterday morning, Veronica had an appointment with her doctor, and received the sad, and unexpected news that we had lost our baby. According to the ultrasound, the baby had not grown since the last appointment (about 2 weeks ago), and the doctor could not detect a heartbeat. He termed it an “incomplete miscarriage”. As a result, she will have to have a procedure known as a D&C to complete the process this afternoon at 2:00. It is an outpatient procedure, and she should be able to return home this evening.

We would ask for your prayers for the following:
1. For the procedure to go smoothly, and without any complications. And, also that the recovery would be quick and that Hannah would be patient as her mom recovers.
2. For our family as we adjust to this news. We were excited about this baby, and it came as a complete surprise, as there had been no outward physical symptoms that anything was wrong.
3. Praise the Lord because He is good, and every moment of our lives are in His hands – we are thankful that this child will never have to suffer the effects of sin, or the pain that it causes.

We do trust that this was all in the Lord’s perfect plan for our lives. “…The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21)

By His Grace,
Jason, Veronica, and Hannah Whitley