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Twice in Two Weeks?

So, for the second time in as many weeks, we spent a few hours at the local urgent care facility this weekend. ūüôĀ


Hannah’s cough turned into an all-night affair on Saturday night.¬† And, even with a few doses of cough medicine, I think it actually got worse as the night went on, not better!¬†


We kept¬†her home from church, again, in order to prevent sharing the love…I mean,¬†the germs.¬† (I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as “just a little cough.”¬† What might be just a little cough to one child, could be a major ordeal for another…)


She started the morning with a low fever,¬†which, by the time Jason got home from church, had risen and then hovered¬†somwhere between¬†103-104. ūüôĀ¬† The poor thing was absolutely miserable.¬† I think it took all the energy she had just to snuggle on the couch with one of the kitties and cough.¬† So, not wanting anyone to endure a repeat performance of the previous night, we were off to Urgent Care again.


While I was more than convinced that this had gone beyond your typical cold/cough, going in to the doctor’s office, I fully expected to hear, “It’s just a cold.¬† Give it time, and it will go away.¬† There isn’t anything we can do.”¬† So, I was sort of surprised that the doctor agreed with me!¬† He diagnosed her with bronchitis, and sent us home with antibiotics and an inhaler. ¬†(I always feel somewhat vindicated when the doctors actually¬†agree with me that something isn’t right…makes me feel like less of a worry-wart, over-protective, hypochondriac¬†sort of mom that calls the doctor at every little sniffle and sneeze.)¬†¬†


He also informed us that the “magic age” for over-the-counter cough medicine is actually 6-years-old, and not 4, like I had thought.¬† Oops!¬† Although we usually do try to wait it¬†out, and see if we can get through an illness without medicine, I¬†do sometimes give in…especially at night!¬† My¬†personal (completely unqualified, and medically unsound) theory is that cough medicines, especially nighttime formulas, don’t really do anything for the cough.¬† They just¬†put you to¬†sleep.¬† And, the way I figure it, it is¬†the sleep that helps you get better, not the medicine!¬† So, especially since the cough medicine we did give her the night before didn’t seem to help, I was interested to hear what he suggested using instead…a humidifier, hot chicken soup, hot tea, and¬†a spoonful of honey were among the things he listed.¬† Imagine that…Good, old-fashioned, home remedies! ūüôā


And…they seem to be working!¬†¬†She has had 2 doses of antibiotics so far, and, we have gone¬†a few rounds with the inhaler for some really bad coughing fits.¬† But,¬†what has seemed to be the most help, in terms of immediate relief, was a spoonful of honey!¬† (Mary Poppins would be proud! ūüėČ )¬†


Well, I’m off to do a little reasearch¬†on natural home remedies… ūüôā¬† If you have any home/family remedies that work for you and your family…I’d love to hear about them!!