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While Daddy Was Away…

The girls certainly played!! 😉


Jason was at a pastors’ retreat/meeting over the past few days.  Of course, Hannah and I missed him like crazy, but we also enjoyed some girl-time while he was gone.


On Thursday, after saying good-bye to Daddy, we ran a few errands, and Hannah helped me clean and “organize” some areas of the house that have been a bit neglected recently.  Now, lest you think I am being mean, and inflicting cruel and unusual forms of punishment on my sweet girl…let me just tell you, she lovesto organize.  When we go shopping, she can’t stand to see items on the wrong shelf or hook, and it really bothers her if we must move on before she is done setting it aright. :)  So, she organized her shoes, while mommy sorted through and packed away some clothes that she somehow managed to outgrow this summer. :(  Then we headed downstairs where I cleaned the kitchen, and she organized her letter magnets on the refrigerator (we’ll just call that the “spelling lesson” for the day!).  After everything was in alphabetical order, she offered to use the lint roller on all of the living room furniture while I vacuumed!  Not only was she cheerful about working alongside me, she was a hard little worker, and did a great job!! 


Hannah has been asking (begging) for her friend, Ryann, to come over.  She has been to Ryann’s several times recently, so we were looking for an opportunity to have Ryann over here…and Friday seemed like the perfect day.  I told Hannah that I would call Ryann’s Nana on Friday morning.  Well, Hannah was up at the crack of dawn planning out their day, and, she was rather perturbed when she found out that, at 6:30 a.m., I still had not called Ryann’s Nana.  By the time Ryann arrived (around 10:30), Hannah had quite the detailed itinerary planned – including their wardrobe and menu!  Here is a little sample:

– Play dress-up (Hannah was to be Sleeping Beauty, Ryan was to choose her costume…She chose Snow White),
– hide-and-seek
– color
– watch a movie (Toy Story 2)
– have a “Royal Tea Party” lunch – the menu included: turkey sandwiches, apples, strawberries, “tea” (but it’s really just apple juice, Mommy), and little cookies – mini Oreos and chocolate chip – for dessert.
– play games: Hopscotch (upstairs…on her special rug…was probably not the best idea of the day…it was rather loud.), Hungry, Hungry Hippos (which seemed like a nice quiet game after hopscotch!), Go Fishing, and Candy Land
– Play outside – “but only if it’s not too hot, Mommy”
– Play Fairies
– A picnic snack, outside – but the doggie had to stay in 


I think they may have accomplished pretty much every item on their list…except for going outside.  It was a little too hot. :)  Here are a few pictures of their Royal Tea Party:

The Table

The table was set with “real” dishes…


Hannah  Ryann

And here are the two little princesses…and , of course, they used their best princess table manners (note Hannah’s pinkie).


We are so thankful for Ryann!  She and Hannah are the same age, they have become great friends!  And, since they are both “onlies,” getting them together is also a great opportunity for them to practice sharing, kindness, unselfishness, and all of those life-lessons that they miss out on without siblings.

 2 Little Princesses

It’s a good thing that these two like each other so much, because after a full day of play, we headed over to another friend’s house for dinner (all the daddies/grandpa were together at the same retreat).  Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries died not long after the tea party, so no pictures from the evening. :(  But, we all had great time!  We had pizza, and “Ryann’s Nana” brought homemade, peach and berry ice cream – Yum!  Then, the kids enjoyed a movie, while the adults had a chance to talk. 


We were up early on Saturday morning, anticipating Jason’s return home in the afternoon.  And, after straightening up the aftermath of the previous day’s playdate, Hannah asked if we could go to Target “to look at clocks.”  We are very slowly working towards redecorating Hannah’s room, and turning it from a “baby” room, to a “big girl” room…new bed (soon – I hope!), new comforter (already purchased), and paint (already picked out – “Petal Pink”).  And, Hannah wants a clock…an alarm clock…a Tinkerbell alarm clock, to be specific.  So, we did just that.  We didn’t find exactly what she was hoping for, but we’ll keep looking.  I did find some great deals over in the school supplies aisle though! :)  (Yay for school supplies!!)  After our shopping, we stopped at Starbucks for a little treat…

 Hannah at Starbucks


Hannah is such a fun little person.  I love playing with her, reading to her, and just spending time listening to her – what is on her mind, what she is thinking, learning, and all those crazy stories that she imagines.  She is growing up so fast, so I am very thankful for any extra time I can get with my girl. :) 


Of course, we are both very happy to have Daddy back!!

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  1. Barbara Thompson

    I wish I could have been there to watch the girls. Miss all of you more every day!

    It’s raining ashes and smells smokey here so I won’t say wish you were here (but I do!). Love, Mom

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