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Happy 4th Birthday, Rebekah!

My Sweet and Spunky Rebekah! You are loud, energetic, dramatic, and silly. Sitting still and quietly are not your strengths.  You do nothing halfway. You have really surprised me this year by pouring that energy and determination into our school days, and becoming an eager and enthusiastic student! You love our Pre-K times, and are flying through the lessons that …

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Back to {Home}School

Once upon a time, I said I would never homeschool my children. And, yet…here we are, embarking on our 8th year of homeschooling! This year, I have 4 students…ranging from pre-school to junior high! That should keep me busy and out of trouble…or, not. Rachel is in Pre-School this year: She is only 2, but loves being at the school table with her big …

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Birthdays, Hannah Elisabeth, Life, Mommyhood, Traditions & Celebrations

Bon Anniversaire, Hannah!

Hannah loves all things French. She is constantly checking out whatever books she can find in the library on France: the country, culture, food, and language. So, a (somewhat) “French” or “Parisian” themed birthday party was her obvious choice. We decorated in her favorite colors…pastel turquoise, pink, and purple…with gold accents. We decided to stick with family birthdays this year, …

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