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An Update…

Quite a bit has been going on around here these last few weeks….even if the blog hasn’t really shown it.


So, here is the long-overdue update…

At the end of January, we were (wonderfully) surprised to discover that we were expecting baby #3!

But, only a few weeks later, I began spotting. Unfortunately, this started on a Sunday, so I was placed on strict bed rest, through a phone consultation with the on-call doctor, until the bleeding stopped. I was also scheduled for blood work and an ultrasound the next day. We were warned that at such an early stage of pregnancy (only 6 weeks), that it was possible that we might not actually see the baby (or a heartbeat) on the ultrasound. But, that didn’t necessarily mean something was wrong.

However, we were able to see the “fetal pole” and the fluttering of a developing heart on the monitor! That, along with learning that my HCG levels were rising was of great comfort. But, my doctor recommended that I stay on bed rest until the bleeding/spotting stopped completely…

I had a particularly bad bleed the night before my 8 week appointment, and went to bed that night convinced that I was miscarrying.

At my appointment the next morning, I was prepared to see/hear the worst. But, during the ultrasound, my doctor was able to quickly locate our precious little one… Praise the Lord, he/she was growing right on track, and had a beautifully strong heartbeat!

My doctor gave me a few possible explanations as to why I was (still) spotting/bleeding. But really, it just seemed to come down to “spotting early in pregnancy is common, but not normal.” She did suggest that I try to wean Titus sooner, rather than later, as she thought that might be aggravating the bleeding. (And, for those of you who know what a difficult time I had nursing Hannah, yes. I was still nursing him at a year!) My original goal had been to wean at a year, so we were already in the process of doing just that. (Actually, my original, original goal had simply been to make it to 6 months…but…)

The bleeding (finally!) stopped at 11 weeks. And, at my 12-week appointment, I was (finally!) released from bed rest…after 6 weeks. Yay! (And, not a moment too soon, because we had a birthday to celebrate!!)

It was humbling, and so encouraging to be blessed with wonderfully thoughtful, caring, and encouraging friends and family who stepped in to help us in so many ways.

Friends brought meals…for weeks!! They kept us from a steady diet of scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, and fast food. It was one less thing for my sweet husband to juggle each day. And, it was so nice to know that my family was being well-fed.

My in-laws came faithfully each Sunday and Wednesday to help with the children – well, mainly Titus – so Jason could continue to fulfill a fewl his responsibilities at church. (Single-parenting at church is not an easy thing to do in any situation…but it becomes especially difficult when the single parent is also one of the pastors!) They also helped around the house with meals, laundry, and cleaning. And I know Hannah and Titus loved the extra grandparent time.

A couple of friends from church came over during the week for almost the entire month and a half. They cared for my children, playing with them, feeding them, and on several occasions, doing laundry, washing dishes, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms. Again, it was such a blessing to know that my home and my children were being so well-cared for (they had a great time!)…especially when I couldn’t be the one doing it!

And, aside from being an incredible help to me, these friends also freed my husband to go to his office and work on Sunday school lessons, sermons, and other tasks in peace. I know it was nice for him to have some sense of normalcy (even if only a tiny bit) in his days of playing Mr. Mom.

Speaking of “Mr. Mom”…He may have repeatedly said that he was not cut out to be a mom, but, he sure is a wonderful father! There were many days, that I thought he was better at “my job” than I was! And, if I didn’t already know this (which I did!), I am now even more convinced…I have the most amazing husband. He cared for me tirelessly. He remained incredibly encouraging when I was discouraged. He took the kids to the park, to the grocery store, to the mall… And, he got Titus to sleep through the night…for the first time. Ever. (See? I told you he was good!)

Although I jokingly said that I was using the time to make up for all the sleep I lost during Titus’ first year, I really am thankful for the rest…even if it didn’t come at the most convenient time, or in the most convenient way. The rest was good – and needed.

But, it was not an easy time. It was an emotional roller coaster (and I don’t like roller coasters!), never quite knowing what was going on, what was going to happen, or if it would really be “worth it” in the end. It was discouraging and frustrating. I love being a wife and mommy. And, I missed taking care of our home and my family. Yes, I was “busy” being mom to our unborn little one…but, I missed being mom to my other two children. I missed doing school with Hannah and watching her ride her bike. I missed playing with Titus and seeing him toddle around the house. I even missed cooking dinner, and doing the laundry! It is amazing how easy it is to take those little, everyday moments for granted…

It has taken some time to get back to “normal” (whatever that is). But, I think we are finally there. Jason is back to a regular (busy!) work schedule. And, things are once again busy for me here at home. Hannah and I are working hard to get back on track with school. (Hannah was such a great help with her little brother while I was in bed, so we kind of let the academic side of things slip…although there was definitely still learning going on!) Titus is walking really well now, and becoming quite the little talker! And, I am, or maybe I should say, baby is now 18 weeks along.

And, here is a new baby-bump picture:

18 Weeks
18 Weeks

(Yes. I am a bit bigger than I was at about this same time with Titus!)

We are excitedly looking forward to finding out if baby is a boy or a girl in just a few weeks!! And before you ask, No. We do not want to be surprised when baby comes. Plus, I need the time to plan, and figure out whose baby clothes to wash!

So…I think that should explain a little of what has been going on around here for the past few weeks.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with some regularity in the next few weeks and months…



  1. Congratulations on your newest pregnancy! “Three’s a charm.” 🙂 I’m so sorry you have had such a difficult time, as it is in our very nature as Moms to do all of the housework and mothering ourselves. However, I’m thrilled to know that you have had so much sweet help to get your through those rough days… and you’re looking great!!!

    1. Thank you Jolene! 🙂 It was difficult, but thankfully, since then it has been easy (well, “normal”). 🙂

  2. This is so exciting!!! Praise the Lord for another sweet life! I’m about 12 weeks with my latest blessing! I disappeared for a while myself, but not for nearly as big a reason. I’m so glad all is well!

    1. Thanks Babychaser!! And congratulations on your newest little one!! How exciting!! 🙂

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